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Where to begin? October 3, 2009

Posted by IaninSheffield in Uncategorized.

Well it had to happen sometime and to be fair, it’s been long overdue.  I guess I’ve dabbled for some while – keeping journals about bike touring, blogging as part of the evidence base on the Masters course I’m currently studying on, microblogging through Twitter.  So I guess I’ve nibbled around the edges.  But that still doesn’t explain the big leap.  I’ve now reached the point where I’ve read enough educational blogs by other worthy folks that it’s helped me focus my mind on what’s important for me.  I’ve distilled that down to three things:

  • As a means of reflection – to get down my thoughts about what I’ve done, what I’ve read and what I’ve seen others do.  To be able to revisit and review these ruminations at a later date ought to prove illuminating – hindsight as they say . . .
  • To provide the opportunity for others to read and hopefully comment on my ideas, thereby providing further stimulus and the opportunity to clarify my thinking.
  • To provide a place to review tools, resources and techniques and benefit from the previous points.

I’m also clear that I have no desire to dilute my musings here with any of the frippery I might ‘pen’ in other places – it’s edtech and learning or nothing.



1. 100 Not Out! « In the pICTure - June 3, 2012

[…] My first post in October 2009 set out why I made the decision to start blogging and what I hoped to gain from the experience … and those final few words sum it up I guess. ‘What I hoped to gain from the experience.’ I never assumed for one moment that anything I had to say would carry any import for anyone else. If by chance something I pen (keyboard?!) helps someone or challenges their thinking, then that is particularly rewarding, but if no-one comments nor even reads the post, then I’m comfortable with that. The overriding reason behind any post is to help me to crystallise my thoughts, to help resolve conflicting views, to bring order to a chaotic swirl of random ruminations or simply to organise and sequence a set of ideas. […]

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