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Gary’s social media counter – just interesting? Or maybe more? December 5, 2009

Posted by IaninSheffield in Uncategorized.

A while ago I came across this interesting widget produced by Gary Hayes which shows the exponential rates at which new technologies are expanding.

social media counter

Gary's Social Media Counter

On Gary’s site, the counter is ‘live’ and constantly ticking over from the second the page loads, or you can click on one of the tabs to ‘jump’ the count forward by a day, month etc.  I wanted to show the counter ‘live’ here on the blog . . . Gary very kindly provides an embed code or you can download the swf file, but apparently WordPress.com doesn’t allow embedded swf – boo, shame 😦

Anyway, interesting though that is in its own right, and useful as it might be for illustrating a point in an ICT lesson, I thought the widget might offer other possibilities:

  • How about in Maths lessons – take some readings over time, graph the results and try to work out the equations generating the figures?  (Gary’s blog provides the sources behind the figures so you might want to view the widget away from the site!)
  • Taking readings from a dynamic display is itself a skill which science (or Maths) teachers might want to develop in their students.
  • PSHE/Citizenship teachers might want to discuss possible implications of the figures.

As the innovator that you are, you can probably think of lots more possibilities.  If so, why not add a comment to this post and let’s share the vibe.

OK, so this isn’t as elegant a way of crowd-sourcing as @tombarrett‘s Interesting Ways (if you haven’t seen these, go now . . . right now!), but we all have to start somewhere.



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