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#TMETRU09 – A world first? December 8, 2009

Posted by IaninSheffield in CPD, Inspiration, TELIC.
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Last night I had the privilege of taking part in something truly remarkable, spending around three hours in the (virtual) company of around 100 supportive, innovative and inspirational educationalists – teachers for the most part.  TeachMeet EdTechRoundUp09 was an online ‘unconference,’ a sharing of minds and good ideas . . . but a description would take too long and since the wiki provides all the details (including the recording of the session + Twitter backchannel), there’s no point in repeating what’s already been said.

Participants from across the UK and around the globe have been lavish in their praise of the smörgåsbord assembled and delivered with panache by @dajbelshaw and @daibarnes, in collaboration with all the evening’s presenters.  Here are just a few comments:

Doug explains how it was all set up here, so I don’t need to cover that ground.  So what do I blog about that’s not already been said?  Well I thought I might pick up on a point Zoe (and others) made about TMETRU09 not being a ‘course’ but a fanatastic professional development opportunity – how true!  There can be no question in my mind that TeachMeets develop me professionally . . . but what do others think about that?  Well I’ve cast around t’InterWeb and whadya know?

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) list five dimensions to be found in professional growth:

1. Building a knowledge base
2. Observing models and cases
3. Reflecting on practice
4. Changing practice
5. Gaining and sharing experience

#TMETRU09 provided 2 to enable us to do 1, whilst encouraging 3.  The follow up comments and chat from the session suggested that 4 quickly took place, whilst 5 is the foundation on which the sessionwas built.  Just check the feedback for evidence of each of these.

Cathy Grant tells us that:
“The goal of professional development for technology should be to help teachers become more productive professionals, and to empower them to make sense of how mastery of technologies can be useful to them, in their teaching and as a tool for professional growth. What teachers learn about technology should be personally valuable for the things they need to do. And learning about technology should be exciting and exhilarating.”
Again the feedback and this visible collation of the comments from the backchannel provide ample evidence that #TMETRU09 delivered the elements of this goal.

And what about the TDA:
“Continuing professional development (CPD) consists of reflective activity designed to improve an individual’s attributes, knowledge, understanding and skills. It supports individual needs and improves professional practice.”

So yes I think that’s score 1 for #TMETRU09.  Professional development?  Absolutely!


Grant, C.M., 1996. Professional Development in a Technological Age: New Definitions, Old Challenges, New Resources. Technology Infusion & School Change. Available at: http://lsc-net.terc.edu/do.cfm/paper/8089/show/use_set-tech [Accessed December 7, 2009].

The Training and Development Agency for Schools, 2008. Continuing professional development (CPD) in practice. Available at: http://www.tda.gov.uk/teachers/continuingprofessionaldevelopment/cpd_in_practice.aspx [Accessed December 8, 2009].



1. whatedsaid - December 8, 2009

Great post, Ian. Had been writing a post in my head (that’s where I start them off!) about what makes for effective PD! As usual, you have got e thinking further too. Thanks for linking to my blog.


ianinsheffield - December 9, 2009

Posts invariably take form in my head too Ed . . . but the cogs whirr slower and slower with my advancing years which means it takes a little longer to get them out and into ‘print.’ That’s why the delay, but better late than never I guess.

2. Zoe Ross - December 9, 2009

A really interesting, post Ian. It is nice to see some theory behind what we all know – that Sunday was a great evening! Thanks for the mention – really looking forward to the next TMETRU!

ianinsheffield - December 9, 2009

Thanks Zoe – I’m with you on that one. ‘Twas a great evening indeed. If you ever get the chance to attend one of the ‘live’ TeachMeets (http://teachmeet.pbworks.com/) around the country, do grab it. I came home from the one I managed to get to with an even bigger buzz than on Sunday.

3. daibarnes - December 10, 2009

Nice post Ian. I was born in Sheffield!

Teachers teaching teachers by learning learners learning????

It was a great night on Sunday. I’m still impressed by what we managed to achieve. It all came together. Thank you for joining in and taking the time to blog about it. Impressed you took the time to research the talk behind the TMETRU09 walk. Would you mind writing 1500 words for my Masters? ;O)

ianinsheffield - December 11, 2009

Well I never, despite the cultured tones and the long, lost Geordie accent, DB has Tyke blood coursing through his veins! Well done that man.

Thanks for the comments Dai and I love that alliterative phrase . . . . which I shall doubtless use in the future (correctly referenced of course!) And I’d be delighted to write 1500 words for your Masters . . . in fact I’ll go one better and swap them for the 3000 I have impending for mine! 😉

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