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Coming out of the shade – from lurker to speaker December 19, 2009

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It’s comfortable in the shade.  Secure.  Safe.

Cats in the shade

from TJflex on Flickr

I know I’ve got to be brave about this, but it’s taken some while to work up the courage.  And I’m still not entirely convinced I’m doing the right thing by going public, but many others have gone before and surely enjoyed a sense of liberation as a result?  Oh what the hey, I have to announce I’m coming out!

Yes, I’ve lurked at TeachMeets for long enough and benefitted from the experiences of others, so the time has come to step up to the plate as presenter and perhaps put a little back in.  Unfortunately I can’t get to BETT to enjoy any of the TeachMeets there, but that excuse doesn’t hold for TeachMeetYH2010 on 26th March, barely a half hour’s drive away.  So I’ve signed up for a 2 minute ‘nano’ – “eportfolios by stealth: What a student can produce on a learning platform if you give them free rein.’

This topic has been inspired by work produced by some of our students undertaking the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) as part of their post-16 studies.  The colleague guiding them asked for each student to be provided with a mini-site within our learning platform, that they could develop in whatever way would suit their needs.  They are required to keep a ‘production log’ which documents the stages in their project, including evaluative and reflective comments.  Their site would become their production log, whilst also providing communication channels with their teacher and fellow students.

You perhaps get a picture now of why ‘e-portfolios’ sneaked into my presentation title.  As a school, we recently began the process of examining possible ways we might choose to move forward with e-portfolios.  Maybe our students are already leading the way?

(Haven’t yet decided on the format of the preso., but will refresh this post when I get that far)



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