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Maths Maps . . . but across the curriculum? December 22, 2009

Posted by IaninSheffield in Inspiration, Teaching Idea.
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I’m lucky to work in a school that’s a member of a wider partnership, a sisterhood, a community.  If there’s an issue I’m struggling with and no-one here who is in a position to help, I know I’ve colleagues in that wider network to whom I can turn.  Other colleagues here in school however, don’t recognise that they could do that too and bemoan the fact that they feel isolated . . . but then they haven’t

  • had the chance to meet other colleagues from our community in the same way I have
  • yet begun to establish a PLN to which they can turn.

When @tombarrett produced his first Maths Map (do check it out; Tom explains the principle so well) ) and invited his PLN to contribute, I wondered whether this might be a way to open links between colleagues in our partnership?  I began to envisage a project where I’d take interested colleagues here through the principles of setting up a Google Map along the same lines as Tom’s Maths Maps, but from any curriculum area.  Once they’ve initiated their map, they would then contact colleagues in sister schools and invite them to join (we have a global address list which should make that easy).

Now I know that some colleagues may struggle to see how they can get started i.e. they just can’t spot a topic that they can ‘ground’ (pardon pun!) in a map.  I had no problems in the area with which I’m most familiar and was able to initiate this Physics map on the topic of Energy Resources:

. . . but what about other topics in other curriculum areas?  Can anyone help?  What topic from your curriculum area could use a Google Map to provoke, stimulate or open a discussion and provide a backdrop for a Maths Map-like exercise?  If you have an idea and can spare a moment, could you pop it into this form and we’ll see where it goes.  (Will post a follow-up and feedback on how the project went, together links to any maps we create)


Thanks to @bevevans22 for a couple of great ideas:

BevEvan's ideas

Inspiration from @bevevans22

Castles & Digital storytelling



1. SmallCasserole - December 23, 2009

How about pump-storage hydroelectric systems:

Dinorwig is the biggest one in the UK:

I also collected together locations of some synchrotron x-ray sources:
There are more of these around the world.

(Note: entry fraudulent – I’m an industrial researcher, ex-physics lecturer!)

2. ianinsheffield - December 23, 2009

Fraudulent entry?! Not at all Ian and thanks for the suggestions. This will get my Physics colleagues off to the right start and I’ll certainly be passing on the synchrotron link too – inspiration for a new topic perhaps?

Many moons ago, I took a group of GCSE students to the much smaller pumped storage facility at Ffestiniog, just around the corner from Dinorwig. We went from there to the nuclear facility at Trawsfynydd – quite a contrast!

Thanks again for the support.

3. SmallCasserole - December 23, 2009

I’ve visited a few nuclear facilities in my time, dad wrote reactor simulators!

I wrote a bit more on the synchrotrons on my blog:

4. uberVU - social comments - December 23, 2009

Social comments and analytics for this post…

This post was mentioned on Twitter by primarypete_: RT @IaninSheffield: Can we extend @tombarrett ‘s fantastic Maths Maps principle further across the curriculum? http://tr.im/Ikfp

5. Looking Back | edte.ch - December 27, 2009

[…] total the 3 current maps have been viewed 85,000 times, but more importantly the idea has inspired other teachers to begin using Google Maps to produce engaging content for their […]

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