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2009 – That was the year, that was. December 27, 2009

Posted by IaninSheffield in Inspiration, TELIC.
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Twitter friends

Twitter friends

It’s been quite a year, one way or another. Like many schools, we’re currently engaged in a number of quite significant ICT developments, not least of which is wide-reaching review to take stock of where we are. It’s been a big year at work for me too – my role having expanded rather. But that’s all good. It doesn’t worry me at all in the way it once might and I feel better placed than I’ve ever been to look forward to the challenges that 2010 might bring. I feel that way, more so than ever before, because of a couple of things which happened during 2009:

  • I was introduced to Twitter, thanks to @geoffowen.  Other than using Delicious, I hadn’t really ‘got’ the social networking thing; I simply wasn’t aware that the tools that mediate social networks could be levered for personal and professional learning.  Twitter changed all that . . . or rather the people who have begun to form my learning ecosystem changed all that.  My views on professional development have changed . . . in fact my views on many things have changed as a result of being able to benefit from the wisdom of others.  As someone for whom the formal learning experience was always predominantly a solitary activity, I’ve begun to appreciate just how much more powerful social learning actually can be.
  • I attended my first TeachMeet. I was amazed at the concept, at the enthusiasm and ingenuity of the presenters and was delighted to be surrounded by nothing but positivity towards ICT . . . on a Friday evening, after a week’s work!  I met some of the marvellous people I had begun to follow on Twitter and found a whole load more I followed soon after.
  • I found blogging.  Sure I’d read plenty of blogs, subscribed to a number and even stirred up the courage to comment on a few.  But as is evidenced here, I finally took the plunge and began my own.  Why?  Well for me, it’s a way of getting thoughts out of my head – in giving them physical form they have to be refined, distilled and made coherent (yes I know that doesn’t always come through thanks very much!).  Even better are those  occasions when someone comments on a post, which stimulates you to clarify or expand those ideas yet further.
  • Got me an iPod Touch.  The two colleagues with whom I work have iPhones and I began to see that there was a whole lot more to them than just being a ‘cool’ phone . . . but I didn’t and don’t need a phone like that.  And then I found out that the Touch does a lot of what the iPhone does.  Boy has it opened my eyes to what mobile learning could be!  It’s simply the smallest workstation you could have.  (I think!)

There’s been a whole load of other stuff that’s gone on too, but I think these four things have had and will continue to have the biggest effect on the way I learn and the way I’ll approach my job.

Thanks, 2009.



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