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#BETT2010 January 19, 2010

Posted by IaninSheffield in CPD, Inspiration, TELIC.
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So another BETT has come and gone and this year’s was a bit different for me.  Whereas in the past, I’ve been fortunate enought to get down there for at least a day during the week, this year that wasn’t possible, so it had to be a Saturday.  This meant I missed TeachMeetBETT2010, AmplifiED’10 and TEDxOrenda which really was a shame, but at least there were still TeachMeet Takeovers to be enjoyed.  And enjoy I did.  The first I attended by David Noble (@parslad) was unfortunately kiboshed by no Internet access on the stand, which for session on blogging was a little awkward.  But nevertheless, having been listening to some of the EDUTalk365 posts on the journey down, it was great to have a chat with one of the originators . . . and also to meet Joe Dale (@joedale).

Also great to meet Drew Buddie (@digitalmaverick) and enjoy his session introducing world clouds and safe virtual worlds . . . though the background noise from the Hall was a little distracting at times (why can’t people show alittle respect whena virtuoso takes to the stage ;-)).  Ian Usher’s Takeover on embedding interactive content into Moodle crammed an amazing amount into such a brief session.  But the whole point was that I came away learning something . . . and I did.

In between the Takeover sessions, also squeezed in two seminars: the first was by Norbert Pachler, outlining his findings on ICT CPD in schools (really useful for the case study I’m currently engaged in) and the second was a seminar on systemic barriers to tech-based learning by Jen Groff (currently working with FutureLab) (apologies for no name check from the other two presenters who didn’t post links).

Also managed a brief visit to the VeryPC stand – these folks are producing ‘green’ PCs with low carbon footprints and from sustainable and ecologically safe materials wherever possible . . . and they’re a Sheffield company . . . and I work with their mum!

And that was pretty much it.  I didn’t get the chance to have a mooch around the stands which often throws up something unexpected, but other than a couple of products I might have liked to have had a look at, but which I can doubtless check out on the web, I didn’t really miss that part.  This BETT was more about saying ‘Hi and thanks’ to some of the wonderful people on Twitter from who’s advice I’ve been able to benefit during the past year.  I’m writing this here and now largely due to their inspiration, so thanks again folks . . . and see you next year maybe?



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