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1st Twittiversary February 20, 2010

Posted by IaninSheffield in Tools, Web 2.0.
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So it’s the first anniversary then . . . one year of Twitter!

1st birthday cake

1st Birthday Cake by nubobo, on Flickr

Time perhaps to take a brief look back down the road I’ve travelled?  I feel as though I’ve come quite a long way in that short time, but what have been the milestones, the sights?

I’ve tapped into a network of innovative, inspirational, informative educators from around the globe.  They’ve expanded my views about what’s possible immeasurably; they suggest new tools  & techniques, provide support and guidance . . . and often make me laugh.

I’ve been introduced to TeachMeets – the enthusiasm of the participants in these informal unconferences is infectious.  You can’t fail to be inspired and stimulated; you can even participate from afar.

I’ve found EdTechRoundUp – this group of educators gives up an hour on a Sunday evening each week to discuss edtech issues.  Never fail to be impressed with how thoughtful, considered and incisive these folks are.

My Delicious bookmarks have more than doubled to over 1500 as a result of pointers to new resources the network has provided

There is a downside to all this however, one that has manifest itself recently.  Part of what I do involves helping others with their ICT in school and part of that is acting as a channel through which interesting practice can be shared.  When I try to pass on some of the amazing ideas from people in my PLN, they’re not always received with the enthusiasm I might hope for and I’ve been wrestling with why this might be.  Obviously it could be the way I’m putting things across. It could be that the ideas aren’t appropriate for our circumstances.  It might be that I’m completely out of touch.  Then there’s the possibility that the people I’m trying to reach simply aren’t in a place where they want to (or need to?) hear that message.  The final element to consider is the people in my PLN – are they unusual individuals, forward-thinkers, at the bleeding edge, very different from the average ‘teacher-in-the-street?’  All organisations need people like this Rogers (2003) refers to them as the ‘Innovators’; they’re the ones who take us forward.

Diffusion of innovations

Diffusion of Innovations by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr

The tricky bit I’m finding at the moment is hanging on to the coat-tails of the innovators out there, whilst maintaining a bridge with colleagues in school.  Perhaps I shouldn’t even be trying?  Perhaps my strategy is misplaced? Perhaps there are other factors at play which I’ve yet to consider  – organisational, cultural, systemic?

I think I’ve some way to go yet to resolve this one, but if you have any insights I’d be delighted to hear them.  You’re reading this blog; you’re different!  You’re an innovator!  What do you think?

(Rogers, E.M., 2003. Diffusion of Innovations 5th ed., London: Simon and Schuster)



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