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Out of place, out of time. March 15, 2011

Posted by IaninSheffield in CPD, Musings.
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Travelling down to occasional meetings in London, I’m rarely without something to do on the train journey. Yesterday I decided to catch up on a few podcasts and found myself listening to Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth) in a Future of Education webinar with Steve Hargadon.  It was an interesting talk and good value as Steve invariably is … well as both Steves are actually. The webinar had taken place in an Elluminate session about three weeks earlier and from the interchange between the two Steves, it was clear that several other folks had been in the session, having contributed questions in the chat.  Now I was simply listening to a podcast, not replaying the Elluminate session, with its full multimedia interface, but did I feel left out?  Not at all.  I knew that if I’d had a question about anything Steve had been talking about, if I’d have tweeted Steve (generous and communicative chap that he is), I could probably have got a fairly swift response.

So in summary, I would have been able to take part in a professional development session which had taken place a month before, with someone who was a couple of hundred miles away, whilst I was belting along at over a hundred miles an hour!  Dr Who? Eat your heart out!

And there are people who still fail to acknowledge that learning’s changing …



1. Tim Bray - March 16, 2011

You are absolutely correct! During a recent conference, I informed the people in my session that they didn’t have to wait or travel to conferences anymore, because you can have a conference or workshop every day on your computer. That is what having a PLN is all about — continuous access to amazing ideas.

ianinsheffield - March 16, 2011

That’s so true Tim and I often struggle to understand why folks don’t get that. PD at a time and place which is convenient to you. Truly personalised learning?

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