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An innings to be proud of? April 12, 2011

Posted by IaninSheffield in CPD, Musings.
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I just wrote a post across on Posterous into which I embedded an interactive timeline showing some of the theories of learning developed during last century. (Would have done it here if WordPress had allowed the embedding)

a century of learning timeline

A century of learning

As I constructed the timeline summary, I found myself reflecting on a couple of things. Firstly how little I knew about learning theories prior to the research my Masters lead me to. Sure I’d heard about a bit about Multiple Intelligences and knew some of Bloom’s Taxonomy, but very little else. The history of developments in learning theory was an area perhaps beyond the scope of an already jam-packed PGCE. Furthermore 40% of the learning theories included in the timeline have been developed since I began teaching in 1981 – my PGCE could hardly have helped me learn about what was yet to be uncovered!

Now during the whole of my career, I felt obliged to keep up to date with developments in Physics specifically (since that is what I taught) and Science more generally. Actually it was no obligation; I loved my subject (still do) and keeping up to date seemed just a natural part of being a Physics teacher.  But what about the last bit? The ‘teacher’ bit? Why didn’t I keep up to date with developments in my chosen profession? Apart from those undertaking further study, does anyone? Shouldn’t there be a professional responsibility to keep up to date with developments in theory and pedagogy? And if so, how would we manage that?



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