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Edtechcc Assignment 6: Mapping it out March 4, 2012

Posted by IaninSheffield in edtechcc.
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Our next assignment (unfortunately missed the last one – the previous post might explain why) is:

Use Google Maps to create your own custom map that includes photographs of places.

So I thought I might take the opportunity to add a little background about where I’ve been hiding:

Perhaps one of my most memorable bike rides … so far!

What have I learned?

As I was already familiar with creating Google maps and adding supplementary information, there wasn’t much new ground turned here. However, what the task did remind me was that despite how easy (relatively speaking) it is to get information onto a map in this way, a mechanism for automating the system still appears to remain elusive. So for example whilst it’s possible on GPS enabled phones to geo-tag images (or sounds using Audioboo for example), getting them all onto a map under a single theme seems to be still awaiting an app. I wonder why this is? John seems to have been beavering away at various solutions, but it clearly isn’t as straightforward as it might first appear. In my naive little mind, the workflow ought to be something like:

  1. Create a blank Googlemap as a placeholder.
  2. Go on the field trip or walk.
  3. Take photos, record Audioboos or videos.
  4. Upload them to the named Googlemap, having the map grow (perhaps for viewers elsewhere) in real time.

How hard can it be?!



1. John - March 4, 2012

Hi Ian,
Looks like a good trip.
As you say I’ve been messing with this stuff. It is fairly simple to create a page with the maps api that will pull a user’s boos onto a map:
or a tag:
This could be combined with pulling geotagged flickr pictures from a user or a tag for an audio visual trip map.

I think there are georss plugins for blogs too…

2. ianinsheffield - March 5, 2012

Getting involved with APIs is something I’ve never tried John; all seems a bit scary. However the tutorial you link to looks manageable so perhaps it’s time for me to give it a go … zone of proximal development and all that 😉

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