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Edtechcc Assignment 7: Storytime March 19, 2012

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Assignment 7 brought with it a very different challenge and one to really test my mettle:

Generate two random characters, a location and an objective using the tool below and then try writing a plausible story based on the random elements. The story may be for a book, film or videogame.

I decided straight away that the first iteration would be the one I’d go with. No second chances, so here’s the output for me:



As I have very little experience of videogames,that was ruled out fairly quickly. Given the current situation in the Middle East, a film about a soldier rescuing a child (or a child rescuing a soldier?) seemed just too trite. And anyway, how do you write a film?

It was at this point I think I got carried away because I then assumed I should write a story, but now looking back, I’m not sure that was Colin’s intention. Was the task more about saying how a story, film or videogame could be created (concocted?) based on these random factors, rather than actually creating the product itself? Perhaps I should have asked, because my mind then turned to exploring storyline possibilities. Clearly I couldn’t churn out a full story in a week, but a shorter one, maybe.

I’m comfortable writing at length; two 20k dissertations are testament to that, but here’s the rub – I haven’t written a work of fiction, a true story, since O Level English almost forty years ago. I had my characters, a location and a possible plot, but then I started thinking laterally and one thing led to another and … well if you’ve the time, by all means read for yourself.

What have I learned?

  • Writing fiction is much, much harder than the other forms of writing with which I am acquainted, though maybe it becomes easier with practice?
  • That using prompts generated randomly in the way they were here, encourages us to take paths we might not otherwise consider. I’ve always wanted to try John Davitt’s LEG (Learning Event Generator before you jump to conclusions!) with a class. Well this assignment put me in the place of a learner … and I have to say it was tough, though rewarding.
  • How easy it is to publish material online with Page-O-Rama – no account needed
  • There are some things I learned which I’m not yet comfortable with sharing here. Let’s just say I found this assignment incredibly cathartic.


1. colinmaxwell - March 21, 2012

Fantastic story, beautifully told. I started reading and was gripped. My dinner burned in the oven because I had to finish it!

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