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Edtechcc Assignment 8: Fin April 3, 2012

Posted by IaninSheffield in edtechcc, Musings.
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end of the line

cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo by Gene Bowker: http://flickr.com/photos/genewashere/3546914951/

We’ve reached the end of the Edtech Creative Collective then with this final task:

… summarise what you have gained or achieved through participating in The Educational Technology Creative Collective.

We could either do this in visual or audio format. A few months ago, there’s no question I’d have gone for the visual option, but having been encouraged in my new found enjoyment of AudioBoo-ing, there was only going to be one winner. And now I have to apologise to sensei Colin – has the Grasshopper learned nothing?! Straight into making an AudioBoo instead of considering the options: a comic or cartoon perhaps, a presentation in any one of a number of different formats, a photomashup from Aviary ImageMarkup or even linking the two as a photo-audio mashup in FotoBabble. Well in truth I guess I did consider those options, if  not quite long enough or in sufficient depth … but I’m getting there.

So here’s my thoughts:

Final impressions? Well I love the notion of professional development opportunities you can ‘buy’ into, that you choose of your own volition and out of your own interest. Has it helped me in my job? Undoubtedly, though untangling precisely how might take a longer post than is available here. I’d suggest though that anyone involved in the education of others needs to explore and test the boundaries of what it means to learn. Experiencing new ways of collaborating with other learners, enjoying a shared venture and yes, testing the limits of what you thought you were capable of is so important in reminding us what the students in our charge experience daily. Only ten short years ago, a learning experience of this nature in which geographically dislocated individuals can come together, learn together and from each other, would have been almost unthinkable.

Regrets? I’ve had a few. But then again ….
[A good job this bit wasn’t in audio. You wouldn’t have liked that!]

  • It was a shame that more folks who signed up right at the beginning weren’t able to see it through to the end. But that’s not uncommon in online ventures of this nature when initial enthusiasm gives way to the cold reality of commitment.
  • I’m still not quite convinced about working across so many different platforms and worry that the interesting creations become so widely spread that they’re hard to track and possibly even lose their impact … or maybe I’m missing the point and actually they reached a wider audience?
  • If I wanted to surface my contributions to Edtechcc through say an e-portfolio of some kind, then the content I created in my blog would probably be OK, maybe even my contributions to the Facebook page. But I hope I added some useful thoughts through commenting on other people’s blogs and I suspect that pulling those contributions in might prove rather more difficult.
  • I think we were all (understandably)  supportive and encouraging of one another and perhaps not sufficiently critical … in a ‘critical friend’ sort of way. I’m sure we’re all aware that ‘Good work’ written on an assignment from one of our students’ isn’t particularly helpful to them; maybe we needed to apply some of the principles of formative assessment with each other? Or maybe next time?

Final, final words? If Edtechcc (or something similar) comes round again – TRY IT!



1. John Johnston - April 4, 2012

Hi Ian,
The audio sound like you have been reading my mind and translated it into good articulate sense! Great audio.

ianinsheffield - April 4, 2012

Thanks John, much appreciated.
When I listen to people who podcast regularly, I am always in awe of the way they’re able to speak fluently and without hesitation or fumbling. I’ve always found I need thinking time, am much more hesitant and um and errr a lot! But I’m getting there – maybe by the end of 366Web2.0? 😉

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