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TeachMeet … Digital Leaders style June 29, 2012

Posted by IaninSheffield in CPD, Inspiration, Teaching Idea.
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Teach the TeachersThursday night saw me extend my TeachMeet experience thanks to the efforts of the Digital Leaders team and Nick Jackson (@largerama) at Fulford School. As you may well be aware, Teachmeets are gatherings of educators who share experiences and inspire each other. Thursday night was indeed a gathering of educators and was certainly inspirational, but for the first time(?), rather than the teachers organising the event themselves, the Digital Leaders student team conceived, planned, organised and delivered the whole shebang!

Piecing together the different elements of a TeachMeet is a demanding undertaking, so it is rare for the organiser(s) to also take to the stage and deliver presentations, but ably assisted by Lady Lumleys (plus a friend here or there) the Fulford team did exactly that. During the course of the evening we heard:

  • Matt & Megan explain the skills & traits Dig Leaders need
  • David describe how useful Youtube Edu can be 4 students & staff
  • Sam & Jakub (Y7) outline how Skype can be used to connect peoples together in the classroom
  • The Lady Lumleys teams explain how AND why DLs were set up and what they have achieved so far and what a marvellous communication and connection tool Edmodo is.
  • Adam explain how effective learning requires authentic examples. Also using actionscript develops a logical mind
  • Peter give us chapter & verse on the advantages of cloud computing by showing the game he created
  • Ethan remind us of the foundations of computer science & the debt we owe to Alan Turing
  • Mikey explain how technologies can help reintegrate those somehow distanced from learning opportunities

(Hope I didn’t miss anyone!)

And this all done from a stage in front of an audience of 150(?) attendees! I wonder what skills these capable people (I almost wrote ‘young,’ but is that even relevant?) have developed during the preparations for this event? And how they developed personally? To me *that’s* the value a school adds; not the number of points someone is shunted up some league table or other.

They’re thinking of organising another. Where do I sign up?!



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